KnightMUN XII, 2013

Greetings delegates and advisors and welcome to KnightMUN XII. This annual high school Model United Nations conference, hosted by the University of Central Florida’s United Nations Association, will be held on UCF’s main campus on October 19th and 20th, 2013. Over the past decade of this conferences’ existence, it has been seen as a great opportunity for delegates to improve skills such as public speaking and formal writing whilst offering a unique experience for students to learn about international issues from different perspectives. The knowledge, skills, and understanding that students acquire with them at KnightMUN can be carried with them as they advance into college and their careers.

While KnightMUN’s main purpose is to further high school students’ knowledge of the components of the United Nations, it also serves as a learning experience for the staff. Highly experienced and incredibly dedicated to providing a quality simulation of the UN, KnightMUN staff consists of carefully chosen volunteers who have put in hours of work in preparation for the conference.

Not only will the conference serve as a preparation for other conferences, but it will also allow students to utilize their newly acquired skills when preparing for their futures. Though they may not one day remember the resolutions they worked on or even the country they represented, students attending KnightMUN will one day be able to use all of their expertise in whatever path they choose whether they become International Relations majors in college, join the Peace Corps, or even become diplomats within the United Nations itself.

So once again, I welcome you to KnightMUN XII and I hope that your experience here is one you won’t soon forget.

~Thomas W. Parsons
KnightMUN XII Executive Director
knightmunexec at gmail dot com